American Poets

The films on Amiri Baraka (formerly LeRoi Jones), Allen Ginsberg, Frank O’Hara & William Carlos Williams were made in the mid-90s as part of a series for Channel 4 Television, which also included a documentary on Gary Snyder. They were each half an hour long, though the film on Allen Ginsberg, originally called The Windows of the Skull, was expanded to an hour for prime time transmission shortly after Allen’s death. 

Abstract Alchemist of Flesh, my film on Michael McClure, which won the Grand Festival Prize at the 2013 Berkeley Film & Video Festival, was made independently, as were the films on Jerome Rothenberg and Robert Creeley, which I hope to see launched in the coming year

The ten poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti were all lined up to celebrate his 102nd birthday, which would have been on 24th March. Sadly, he didn’t quite make it, & died on 22nd February. Here, to celebrate his long & productive life, not least as one of America’s greatest publishers, are those poems, filmed at City Lights Bookstore, in 2002.