Things continue to be very productive. Working with editor Jack Churchill, I have made great progress on 'Black Mountain Blues' the documentary on Robert Creeley and 'Vot em I Doink Here?', my film on Jerome Rothenberg. With luck, the coming months will see further funding for these projects, &, indeed, for 'Las Rocas, el Mar y las Montañas', my film on the great Chilean poet Raúl Zurita.  

The project on which we have been focused most recently is our documentary on filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Now 90 minutes long, & featuring excerpts from more than twenty of his films, including Mothlight, Dog Star Man, The Dante Quartet, Yggdrasill Whose Roots Are Stars in the Human Mind & the poignantly minimal Chinese Series, we plan to launch it this Spring & hope to see it entered in festivals.

What else? Following the interview with the 98-year-old Carl Rakosi, I've again delved into my archives & this time have unearthed a cluster of poems, filmed in 2002, by the legendary Beat Poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who celebrates his 100th birthday on 24th March.