An Update – February 2021

This past year, for me & my colleagues, has, as for most people, been a very inactive one, thanks to Covid 19. Fortunately, in health terms, we’ve survived unscathed, as have most of our friends.

The year has, however, brought the sad news of the death of Michael McClure, who, over the twenty-five years that I knew him, had became a really good friend; also the deaths of the poets Elaine Feinstein, Joanne Kyger, Diane di Prima & Clayton Eshelman, & the photographer Elsa Dorfman, whom I filmed in connection with Robert Creeley, a short clip of which appears on this site.

I hope this year, possibly in a revised & extended form, to relaunch ‘Abstract Alchemist of Flesh’, the film I made about Michael, featuring, among others. Peter Coyote, Terry Riley, Ray Manzarek & Dennis Hopper.  I also hope, at long last, that I shall be able to launch my films on Stan Brakhage, Robert Creeley, Jerome Rothenberg, Michael Horovitz & Raúl Zurita.

My main preoccupation over the past year has been the consolidation of my archive on American poetry, which consists of more than a hundred hours of interviews & readings, featuring the seventy-odd poets & artists I’ve worked with over the years, in the hope that it will find a permanent home in an American university. Meanwhile I plod on as best I can, ably assisted by my socially-distanced editor Harry Baker.

Since writing this (Feb 24th), the news has come in of the death of Lawrence Ferlinghetti. On the site are ten of his poems, filmed in City Lights Bookstore in June 2002. Take a look at them, & enjoy his wry take on the world…