2018 Update

This has been a very productive year. Working with editor Jack Churchill, I have made great progress on ‘Black Mountain Blues’ the documentary on Robert Creeley and ‘Vot em I Doink Here?’, my film on Jerome Rothenberg. With luck, the coming months will see further funding for these projects, &, indeed, for my film ‘Las Rocas, el Mar y las Montañas’, my film on the great Chilean poet Raúl Zurita.  

I’ve been working on a number of things with musicians, including Mariana Sadovska, whom I filmed again in London, and violinist Peter Sheppard Skaerved, whose monumental project ‘Preludes & Vollenteries’, a series of mostly baroque recitals performed in City churches, I’ve been recording, and whom I’ve filmed performing work from the 1920’s by Ezra PoundGeorge Antheil and Virgil Thomson, clips from which are now on this site.

My most recent collaborations with Peter include a filmed performance of ‘GAD‘, a disturbing fifteen-minute composition by the English composer Edward Cowie, the title of which refers to the psychiatric condition Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

This summer also marked the return of the Kreutzer Quartet to Wilton’s Music Hall where I filmed a remarkable programme which included world premieres of Edward Cowie’s 6th Quartet, ‘The Four Winds’, & the 13th Quartet by David Matthews, for string quartet and four singers. 

Fairly new to the site are two pieces by oboist Christopher Redgate, featuring his duet Tick-Tock and part of On Junitaki Falls, an extended composition by Craig Vear for oboe and artificial intelligence-driven speakers, percussion performances by Beaten Track & early music filmed at Clare College Cambridge, featuring music by Dowland and Purcell.

On the literary front, I’ve continued to film & record poets, including Harry Gilonis, Elaine Feinstein, John Hall & Miles Champion whose very spirited reading of ‘The Gold Standard‘ is now on the site.

In recent months I’ve gone into my archives and have unearthed a remarkable interview which I conducted in 2002 with the then 98-year-old Objectivist poet, Carl Rakosi, parts of which are, again, on this site, as is a poignant reading by Peter Coyote of work from Robert Creeley’s posthumous volume ‘On Earth’.